Our Expertise

ABMS coordinates the exchange of industry data and data compilation information with other international statistical organizations that collect, compile and publish non-ferrous industry statistics on a global basis. These organizations include:

British Geological Survey
Natural Resources Canada
Enirisorse SpA - Italy
International Bauxite Association
International Copper Study Group
International Lead and Zinc Study Group
International Wrought Copper Council
Japan Mining Industry Association
Metaleurop S.A. - France
Metallgesellschaft AG - Germany
United States Bureau of the Census
United States Geological Survey
World Bureau of Metal Statistics

Data series have also been compiled for The Silver Institute to meet its informational needs. These exchanges provide the basis for a wider knowledge and clearer understanding of statistical-based factors affecting non-ferrous metals.

Data services provided by ABMS are a timely, reliable and economical alternative to the collection of market data by individuals or firms, much of which would otherwise be unavailable or incomplete.



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