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Statistical Reports
ABMS prepares and issues monthly statistical data on the aluminum, cadmium, copper, gold, lead, silver and zinc industries. A listing of these reports is available by metal using our database search engine on our home page.

Sample copies of any ABMS reports are available from this website in an
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Adobe© Acrobat© format. You may choose to either view a report online, or send the sample report directly to your printer. Sample copies of any report are also available via postal mail or facsimile by contacting ABMS at (973) 701-2299 or by sending your request to Info@abms.com via e-mail.

Annual Yearbook
Once a year in late Spring ABMS publishes its NON-FERROUS METAL YEARBOOK, an 8½" x 11" hard cover book covering over 30 non-ferrous metals. This publication has been in print since 1920. The yearbook contains data for five comparative years of mine, smelter and refined capacities (not all metals covered) as well as production, consumption, inventories, import/export trade data, published metal prices, and other essential metal statistics. All of the yearbook data is also available on a 3 ½" diskette in a Microsoft© Excel© spreadsheet or text-format which will enable you to easily update databases, print tables and create graphs for additional analysis.

ABMS Annual Data Yearbook - Table of Contents

Subscription Information
ABMS offers all its monthly reports to subscribers for an annual fee per report. First time subscribers to any report receive a 20% discount off of the report subscription price.

The Non-Ferrous Metal Yearbook is offered in late Spring annually. Reservations are accepted beginning in November for the following year’s publication. Standing orders are also welcomed.

A subscription to any ABMS report guarantees delivery of the statistical data on a monthly basis throughout the calendar year. Normal delivery is via postal mail service.

ABMS guarantees publication of the Non-Ferrous Metal Yearbook no later than July of each year.

Report E-mail / Facsimile Service
Reports can also be delivered by e-mail or facsimile on the day of publication for an additional fee.

Data by Spreadsheet
Statistical data presented in all of our monthly reports is available in a spreadsheet format for an additional annual fee. All Non-Ferrous Metal Yearbook data is also available on a 3 ½" diskette for an additional fee.

The spreadsheet data is available in both Microsoft© Excel© and Lotus© 1-2-3© formats. This will allow you to easily create and edit databases, translate and transfer data into other formats, and enhance the data series with graphs.

Methods of Payment
ABMS is pleased to offer the following forms of payment: Visa© and MasterCard©; Purchase Orders; Bank Checks or Drafts in U.S. Dollars drawn from a U.S. Bank; or by Electronic Wire. There will be an additional $10 fee for electronic wires. There will be a $25 fee for any returned check.

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