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Today’s trade associations face unprecedented challenges from their membership base to promote new technologies and defend existing market applications. The ability to sustain success will be measured by their skill in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities with the greatest potential for market growth. Consequently, market analysis has become a valuable tool to the business and strategic planning process. With increased market knowledge, planners and managers can develop more effective and less vulnerable strategies.

The most successful associations today are in the process of obtaining timely market intelligence to remain in constant contact with emerging market trends and to anticipate changes which may occur. To help your association analyze and understand market trends and their impact on your membership, ABMS has developed a fully integrated portfolio of information services designed to target the key data issues of the non-ferrous metals industry. ABMS can assist trade associations and their member companies in making informed decisions by providing them with quality market information obtained through confidential sources which would be otherwise unavailable.

What We Do

The American Bureau of Metal Statistics (ABMS) is a trade association that collects, compiles and publishes statistical data on the nonferrous metals industries.

For over 75 yeas ABMS has served as a primary source of non-ferrous metal statistics by obtaining data to a large extent directly from reporting companies on a confidential basis. These wholly independent and authoritative data series are unrivaled in their presentation of data from the source of origin, providing regular, high quality information on the world metals markets. Trade associations and others who need actionable information and insight on the global metals industry look to ABMS to fulfill their data requirements.

ABMS has the experience and the facilities to help your trade association gather statistical data for study or survey. We can assist in the development of data reporting procedures and formats, collect and process the data, and compile and distribute the completed reports.

Our Expertise

ABMS offers sophisticated and innovative data collection design and analytical expertise formatted to meet each association’s specific needs. We place a heavy emphasis on initially defining the objectives of the data collection. Once the objectives are clearly defined, we then design the most appropriate data collection program to address those objectives. This approach ensures that we will succeed in providing you with solutions to your information needs. At ABMS, we bring the combined strength of experience, leading edge technology, and a dedication to personal service to every aspect of data collection, from data collection to compilation to distribution.

ABMS strives to provide our clients with exceptional personal service. All projects are managed by seasoned professionals. A key factor in the success of ABMS is our commitment to establishing close working relationships with our clients, focusing on solving problems and helping you achieve your objectives. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and providing you with value-added service.

Our Clientele

Some of the organizations and groups that we have serviced in recent years include: Brass and Bronze Ingot Manufacturers, Copper & Brass Fabricators Council, Copper Development Association, Copper-Lead-Zinc Economic Impact Study Group, International Copper Association, Lead-Zinc Producers Committee, National Mining Association, Non-Ferrous Smelting Criteria Document Committee, Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society, Selenium-Tellurium Development Association, Smelter Control Research Association, Smelter Environmental Research Association, Society of Economic Geologists, The Gold Institute, The Silver Institute, and the Western Smelter Group.

Special Services

ABMS also has the capabilities and experience to calculate and bill your membership dues assessments.

We will collect and compile the statistical information required to determine each member’s portion of membership dues, produce and distribute assessment invoices to all appropriate parties. Upon receipt of your funds, ABMS will deposit all assessment revenue to your banking institution, and provide you with a deposit summary report for every deposit. We will notify you of any past due amounts or communications between your members and ABMS without violating confidentiality privileges. We will also assist your auditors annually in reconciling the previous year’s assessments collected by ABMS.

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