Over one hundred years ago, the British statesman Benjamin Disraeli wrote: "As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information". No doubt this tenant holds true today.

Benjamin Disraeli
Today’s executives face unprecedented challenges. Slower economic growth and maturing end-use industries provide fewer opportunities to improve performance through market growth. Expansion of existing businesses will result mainly through market-share gains. Consequently, market analysis has become a valuable tool to the business and strategic planning process. With increased market knowledge, planners and managers can develop more effective and less vulnerable strategies.

The most successful non-ferrous metals companies today are in the process of obtaining timely market intelligence to remain in constant contact with emerging market trends and to anticipate changes which may occur. However, the sheer volume of industry analysis and commentary currently available has created an entirely new problem. Put simply, there are now too few numbers and too much talk. Navigating through a sea of opinion and speculation is not an effective way to extract key market information.

To help you analyze and understand market trends and their impact on your firm, ABMS has developed a fully integrated portfolio of information services that specialize in isolating the key data issues of the non-ferrous metals industry. These data series represent the foundation of market databases utilized by all the major industry consultants and equity analysts, as well as the principal industry producers and consumers. Data is provided directly to you from the reporting companies, offering an unbiased view of the underlying numbers. ABMS reports are a low cost alternative to expensive market studies especially when all that is desired are a few key market indicators.

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